Food strictly as per customized diet chart

Therapeutic Diet

Our focus is on natural ingredients while designing the recipes.

We are experts

We have tie-ups with leading international airlines for providing you quality food on the air!

Quality Food in Airlines

With Greenfield’s proven and tested diet solutions, say goodbye to diet worries.

Get Well Soon!

What we DO

Revolution in Hospital Food

We are starting a revolution in hospital food by supporting liquid, semi soft, soft and full diet.

Highly Hygienic Therapeutic Food

We Provide Therapeutic diet food which is balanced in terms of health and hygiene.

Strict Health Criteria

75% of the food meets healthy Criteria of being lower in fats, calories, sodium & sugar

Our Mission

“Works to enrich people's lives through introduction of various products and services which are fundamentally aimed at making lives better and better.”
What we can offer you


Meals are freshly cooked at the point of service with strict observance towards food hygiene and ingredients.

Requires Less Space

Our food preparation saves you the hassle of additional space as we require less space than the traditional kitchen.

Health Care Without Harm

Over 1,000s of hospitals are committed to serving more fresh, healthy food.

What they say about us

We came to know about Greenfield via online social media. We really liked their concept and arranged a demo and we were pleased with their products. We hired them for 3 months at our hospital and our patients have ever been happier!

Hosptial 2

Their service was simply superb. Recommended to everyone.

Hosptial Canteen 1

Meet our team

Team Member 2

Team Member is a very hard working employee of Greenfield Services. He works hard to bring only the best products to your table. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any of your suggestions for complaints.

Team Member 3

Team Member 3 is our Exclusive Demo provider. She will come at your location to show you our products in person. If you are big organizations, please let us know beforehand. You can always reach her on XXXXXXXXXX

Mrs. Pranita Joshi

CEO and Co-founder of Greenfield Services. She deeply cares about providing efficient and balanced meals. Has worked with many renowned and international companies previously.

Bad foods

?nestle कंपनी खुद मानती है कि वे अपनी चाकलेट kitkat मे बछड़े के मांस मिलाकर बेचती है। ?media ने कभी ये बताया ?? की मद्रास high cout मे fair and lovely कंपनी पर जब case किया गया था ! तब कंपनी ने खुद माना था ! हम cream मे सूअर की चर्बी का तेल मिलाते है ! ________ ?media ने कभी बताया कि ये विक्स vicks नाम कि दवा यूरोप के कितने देशो मे ban है ! वहाँ इसे जहर…

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व्यायाम करणे हि कला

स्थुलतेची टाळे बला अजूनही आपल्या देशात व्यायामाला समानार्थी शब्द आहे कंटाळा ! हाss हाsss काय झालं हसू आलं ना? पण हेच वास्तव आहे. व्यायाम करण्यापेक्षा तो टाळण जास्त सोप्प आहे असं आजही बहुतांशी लोकांना वाटत. पण लक्षात घ्या इथेच आपण चुकतो. व्यायामाला जगात पर्याय नाही. सर्व साधारण पणे लोकांना व्यायाम टाळण्यासाठी खालील कारणे द्यायला आवडते – 1. माझे शेड्यूल खूप बिझी असते त्यामुळे मी व्यायाम करूच शकत नाही 2. मला खूप घरकाम असते, मला व्यायामाची गरजच नाही (हे विशेषत: स्त्रियांच्या…

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What is Greenfield

About 1/7th of the global population and 1/5th of Indian population go without adequate amount of food on daily basis. Food security exists when all people have access to sufficient amounts of safe, nutritious and affordable food to provide the foundation for active and healthy lives. Our endeavor is make it happen through our contribution (products and services) which may be minuscule in size. We are passionate about our goal to be the leader in nourishing people through our innovative…

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